2021-2022 Martin County School District ARP ESSER Plan



On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) was signed into law by President Biden.  Martin County School District (MCSD) will receive $8,793,902 in ARP ESSER funding.  The funding and related expenditures will be accounted for separately from the school district general fund budget. 

How will ARP ESSER funds be used to implement prevention and mitigation strategies that are, to the greatest extent practicable, consistent with the most recent CDC guidance on reopening schools, in order to continuously and safely open and operate schools for in-person learning?


      MCSD will continue to implement protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safety of students, staff and community members.  ARP ESSER funds will be used to fund expenditures for personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies.

      ARP ESSER funds will be used to review and remedy any school facility repairs/improvements to reduce transmission.


How will the MCSD use the funds to address the academic impact of lost instructional time through the implementation of evidence-based interventions?


      Through the district SAT team process and Leadership Meetings our students who are disproportionately impacted by the loss of instruction time will be identified.  MCSD will create and support summer learning/enrichment programs in addition to extended day programs (before and after school) for these students, which will address learning loss.

      Every effort will be made to ensure all students have the necessary support and resources (such as instructional materials) to meet academic success.  MCSD will implement evidence based practices to aid in social, emotional, and mental health needs. 

How will the MCSD spend its remaining ARP ESSER funds?

      MCSD will use remaining funds via the following methods:

      purchase educational technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity) that aids in regular, substantive educational interaction between students and teachers. 

      mental health services and supports. 

      school facility repairs and improvements to enable operation of schools to reduce risk of virus transmission and exposure to environmental health hazards and support student health needs.


How will the MCSD ensure that the interventions it implements address the academic impact of lost instructional time and respond to the academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students?


      The primary means MCSD will use to oversee the effectiveness, efficiency, and completeness of its interventions is through ongoing academic progress monitoring, needs assessments including a wide variety of stakeholders at least annually, and stakeholder satisfaction surveys to provide more extensive feedback.

      MCSD may use funds to implement evidence-based strategies to meet students’ social, emotional, mental health and academic needs through implementing programs to reduce student anxiety, curriculum development pertaining to social-emotional learning, and implementing staff development programs centered around improving students’ social, emotional, mental health and academic needs.

      Other means include:

      administering high-quality, reliable assessments that can assess student academic progress and assist educators in meeting student needs.

      implementing evidence-based activities to meet the comprehensive needs of students.

      providing information and assistance to parents and families on ways to support students. 


2021-2022 ARP ESSER Budget- Martin County Allocation $8,793,902.00


Projected Expenditure Budget


Supplies to sanitize/clean facilities-$750,000.00

Purchasing educational technology-$1,500,000.00

Mental health services- $750,000.00

Addressing learning loss- $1,793,902.00

School facility repairs/improving to reduce transmission-$4,000,000.00



Stakeholder Consultation

Martin County School District (MCSD) has engaged in and made a good faith effort to engage in meaningful consultation with stakeholders and has given the public an opportunity to provide input in the development of this plan.  Martin County Schools released a survey inviting all students, families, school and district administrators, educators and their unions, civil rights organizations, and stakeholders representing the groups of children from historically disadvantaged groups to provide input on the district’s ARP ESSER Plan.  The survey was shared on the district’s website and on the district’s social media site.  MCSD also contacted the Martin County Education Association (MCEA)/KEA president to discuss ideas and plans for the ARP and ESSER funds.  Input was also gained from the District Leadership Team.  Results from all consultation efforts were shared and utilized to develop our ARP ESSER Plan.  MCSD plans on having additional regular meetings to analyze the use of ARP ESSER funds and to revise budget adjustments and instructional strategies as necessary.  Please note this plan is subject to change based on future school facility needs and assessment data. 



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