Martin County ATC CSIP-2014-2016

Martin County ATC's CSIP-2014-2016

Executive Summary for CSIP-2014-2016-Published.pdf

Executive Summary for Martin County ATC's 2014-2016 CSIP

Curriculum Maps & Syllabi 2015-2016-Business-Ms. Slone

Curriculum Maps & Syllabi 2015-2016-Electricity

Curriculum Maps & Syllabi 2015-2016-Health Sciences

Curriculum Maps & Syllabi-Auto Tech Program 2015-2016

Curriculum Maps & Syllabi - CTE Programs 2015-2016

Career Pathway-Carpentry 2015-2016 Morehead.doc

Career Pathways Pamphlet-Revised September 2015.pdf

Carpentry-Curriculum 2015-2016

Syllabi, Master Schedule & Curriculum Maps

Curiculum Map-Construction Forms-2015-16.xlsx

Curiculum Map-Intro to Construction Carpentry-2015-16.xlsx

Curriculum Map-Ceiling Roof Framing-2015-16.xlsx

Curriculum Map-Construction Prints-2015-2016.xlsx

Curriculum Map-Floor Wall Framing 2015-2016.xlsx

Curriculum Map-ISX 100 Industrial Safety 2015-2016.xlsx

Curriculum Map-Site Layout Foundations2015-2016.xlsx

Martin County ATC CSIP-2014-2016-Revised.pdf

Martin County ATC CSIP-2014-2016-Revised.pdf

Master Schedule 2015-2016- All Programs.doc

Master Schedule-Carpentry Technology Curriculum 2015-2016 (4)Final.doc

New Edline document (Williams,11/05/2015)

Syllabus 126 & 127-Intro. to Construction Carpentry-Full year.docx

Syllabus 129 2015-2016 MJ Final.docx

Syllabus 140 141 1Site Layout 2015-2016 MJ Final.doc

Syllabus 150 151-Construction Forms 2015-2016.doc

Syllabus 190 191-Floor & Wall Framing- 2015-2016MJ Final.doc

Syllabus 196 197 -Ceiling & Roof Framing-2015-2016 MJ Final.doc

Syllabus 200-Exterior & Interior Finish- 2015-2016.doc

Syllabus 240 241Cabinet Construction & Installation- 2015-2016.doc

Syllabus BRX 220-Construction Prints 2015-2016 MJ Final.doc

Syllabus ISX 100-Industrial Safety- 2015-2016MJ Final.doc

Syllabus ISX 100-Industrial Safety- 2015-2016MJ Final.doc

Syllabus-Introduction to Construction Carpentry.doc