Martin County School District Student Return Procedures and Requirements


Martin County School District

Student Return Procedures and Requirements


Beginning September 28th, students that chose in-person learning will be permitted to return to school for in-person instruction.  Although students will be in person, it is important to remember that health and safety protocols will be in place.  Below is a list of procedures and protocols that will be in place for IN PERSON STUDENTS.




Before leaving home, Parents/Guardians should screen their child for COVID-19 like symptoms.  Students should stay home if they exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

If any of these symptoms are present, please call the school. Reminder: Parents/Guardians are REQUIRED to notify the school, within 24 hours, if their child has had an exposure to COVID-19 or has a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.




All parents/guardians are encouraged to drop their children off no earlier than 7:30 am.


You may not leave your child at the school unless his/her temperature is taken.  If his/her temperature is below 100.4, he/she will be permitted to enter the school.




Students (grades 1-12) will wear a mask the entire time (unless student has a medical waiver).  Once admitted to the bus, students will have an assigned seat.  All students will have a temperature screening (touchless thermometer) completed by school personnel prior to school entry each day.  Parents are encouraged to take their students’ temperatures prior to getting on the bus.  Children exhibiting a fever should be kept home. 






Students in grades 1-12 are required to wear masks the entire day, with exception of times they are actively eating/drinking.


Masks MUST cover the nose, mouth, and chin.  Masks are required by the Martin County School System, The Martin County Health Department, and the State of Kentucky in order to return to school.  Mask exemptions must come from a medical professional and MUST be turned in prior to your child’s attendance at school. 


In order to limit exposure, students will have an assigned seat throughout the day, as well as when they eat in the cafeteria. 




Due to health and safety guidelines, students will have an assigned seat during breakfast and lunch.  Lunches will occur in the classroom and other areas in the building.  Cafeterias have limited capacity due to social distancing guidelines.


Breakfast and Lunch meals will be available for pickup to virtual-only students.  Meals will be available at the student’s enrolled school from 9am-11am daily.  Contact the school for details about meal pick up.




Water fountains and bottle filling stations will be open for refilling water bottles only.  We ask that students bring their own water bottles.  Students will be allowed to refill water bottles in the water refilling stations or water fountains.




Exact dismissal procedures will look different at each school.  A variety of doors will be used to exit the buildings, in order to reduce congregation. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Will students be allowed to have food delivered from restaurant staff or family members during lunch periods or at other times of the day?


A: No, students are permitted to pack their lunch; however, no food from outside sources will be permitted to be delivered.


Q:  What if the student does not want to wear their mask during the school day?


A:  All students, in grades 1-12, will be expected to wear a mask (other than when eating or drinking) if attending school in person.   


Q:  Can students participating in virtual learning be eligible for extra-curricular activities? 


A: Yes.  Students must be enrolled in a Martin County School and meet eligibility criteria in order to participate.  


Q:  Once I choose an option of in person or virtual learning, can I change my mind? 


A:  A continuous and consistent learning environment is best for student success. However, we understand that parents and students might have compelling reasons to seek a transition from one option to another, so we will provide opportunities to do so when available.? Transfers from one learning option to another would be best after the completion of a 9-week grading term at the ELEMENTARY level, and after the completion of a semester (after Christmas Break) at the MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL level. 


Q:  What program will my child be using if he/she is participating in virtual learning?


A:  Elementary students will be using the online learning platform Edgenuity.  Middle and High School students will be using the online learning platform APEX. 




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